Book 7: The Nakamura Letters

Professor Emma Nakamura knows there must be a logical explanation for the ghostly phenomena at her remote research outpost. Right? The Nakamura Letters is an epistolary novel in emails, told from Professor Emma Nakamura’s point of view.

Book 6: Mother’s Day

Professor Molly’s days are filled with morning sickness, a meddling mom, and the unwanted “assistance” of the all-powerful Student Retention Office. The last thing she needs is to stumble across a murder plot.

Book 5: The Blessed Event

You might wonder what my least-favorite student was doing in my living room. In a twist of fate that might seem hilarious if it happened to someone else, Davison was now my stepson.

Book 4: The Invasive Species

It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. Even if your grant funding depends on it.

Book 3: The Black Thumb

It should have been a lovely summer afternoon. But when Professor Molly’s grad-school frenemy comes to visit, things go even worse than expected.

Book 2: The Cursed Canoe

Seven on the crew. Six seats in the canoe. Everyone wants to paddle in the big Labor Day race. What could go wrong?

Book 1: The Musubi Murder

Our guest of honor, Jimmy Tanaka, may have been “The Most Hated Man in Hawaii,” but we were in no position to be picky about the moral character of our benefactors. Not after the latest round of budget cuts.

Book 0 (Prequel): The Case of the Defunct Adjunct

A forbidden kiss. A death in plain sight. And the faculty meeting’s just begun.

Trust Fall, a Professor Molly Short Story

It was just another boring faculty retreat. Until the Trust Fall exercise went horribly wrong.

The Perfect Body

Book 8: The Perfect Body

Turns out it’s one thing to invite your toxic ex-boyfriend to drop dead…it’s quite another when he takes you up on it.