Where Everyone has a Green Thumb – Guest Post + #Giveaway at Brooke Blogs

Where everyone has a green thumb

I really did have a lot to learn about gardening. I was not one of those persons gifted with a green thumb. In fact, I seemed to have the opposite of a green thumb, whatever that would be. A red thumb? That didn’t sound right, although green and red opposed each other on the color wheel. A brown thumb? A black thumb? Was that racist? Maybe a skeleton thumb, like the Grim Reaper.—The Black Thumb, a Professor Molly MysteryI have the proverbial black thumb. I am the worst gardener in the world.I incapable of coaxing a living thing out of the ground; worse I’ve had actual cactus perish in my care.I am death, destroyer of flora.Or so I thought, before I moved from Southern California to the rainy side of one of the Hawaiian Islands.

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Interview today on Brooke Blogs

I’m wrapping up my book intro blog tour with a guest post with the marvelous Brooke of Brooke Blogs.

Thanks to the amazing Lori at Great Escapes Book Tours and to all of the wonderful bloggers who hosted me!

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