A New Miss Fortune Mystery Novella: The Pajama Murder

Deputy Sheriff Carter LeBlanc was a fine young man, Mary-Alice thought, although a bit lacking in imagination. He seemed to believe civilians had nothing of value to contribute to murder investigations—that their place was to answer questions and otherwise stay out of things. In Mary-Alice’s opinion, he was quite mistaken.

Local businessman Buford Fontleroy Deale III is found shot dead in front of Harriet’s Books in downtown Sinful. A blood-soaked pajama top is tied around his chest. And he’s wearing only one shoe. The sheriff wants to talk to Harriet. Sinful’s beloved bookseller was one of the last people to see Deale alive. Fortune, Ida Belle, Gertie, and Mary-Alice need to get to Harriet before the sheriff does. They want to clear Harriet’s name, and stop whoever was behind the bizarre murder.
Except no one can find Harriet…

The Miss Fortune series has been described as Miss Congeniality meets Golden Girls, a lighthearted fish out of water adventure with a dash of romance in Louisiana bayou country.

1.99 on Kindle

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A new novella in Jana DeLeon’s Miss Fortune World: The Two-Body Problem

Professor Gwendolyn Jackson’s husband sends her a voice mail from the road, telling her he’ll be home soon. Just one problem…by the time the message was sent, he was already dead.

When the police dismiss her concerns, Professor Jackson turns to her former student, Fortune Morrow, for help.


Naturally, Fortune, Mary-Alice, and the rest of the Sinful gang are eager to solve the mystery surrounding the death of Professor Jackson’s husband, who owned the French Quarter’s premier joke and novelty shop, Jape & Jest. But the ladies soon find that nothing is as it seems in this case, and an unseen killer might have the last laugh.

Get The Two-Body Problem and the rest of the Mary-Alice Adventures on Kindle.

If you live outside the US, here’s how you can download Kindle Worlds books on your Kindle account:

–Log into your Amazon UK, CA, or AU account.

–Add a United States address to your list of one-click addresses. For example, 364 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96813. The program is only concerned with confirming it is a legit address, not your address.

–Go to Manage Your Content & Devices, and under Country settings, change your location to US. Amazon will ask you to select an address. Select the US address you added to your one-click addresses.

–Now you can click on the Amazon US link, buy the book, and it will download onto your designated device.

–Once you’ve purchased all the Kindle Worlds books you desire, you may go back through the process changing everything back to your home country if you wish.




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Welcome to Island Confidential




Miss Fortune Kindle Worlds Novellas

Sinful Science, A Miss Fortune Kindle Worlds Novella, is now available on Amazon.



A graduate student from Hawaii rents out Ida Belle’s spare bedroom so he can spend a few weeks in Sinful, Louisiana to finish his fieldwork.

Fortune worries that Ida Belle’s inquisitive new roommate might blow her cover. Instead, he makes a disturbing discovery–and unleashes forces that will go to any lengths to protect Sinful’s darkest secret.

Meanwhile, Fortune’s love life is as complicated as ever.

Sinful Science Cover5

I hoped my protective feelings toward Deputy Sheriff Carter LeBlanc weren’t too obvious. Against all of my training and better judgment, I’d done the one thing an undercover operative is never supposed to do: I’d gotten romantically involved. Things hadn’t progressed very far yet. Just a couple of dates, an innocent kiss, and me saving his life once or twice. On the plus side, Carter was handsome, goodhearted, and apparently attracted to me. On the minus side, I was living in Sinful under someone else’s identity, so our entire relationship was founded on a lie.

I’m grateful to Jana DeLeon for opening her hilarious Miss Fortune world to other authors via Kindle Worlds. I had a lot of fun in Sinful, Louisiana and I’m already planning to go back.


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