Recipe: Easy Quiche

Here in rural Hawaii, many of our neighbors own chickens. When they're laying (the chickens, I mean), we have access to really fresh, delicious eggs--and a lot of them. Here's a quick way to turn a dozen eggs into a tasty meal. If you're watching your carbs, this is a great, keto-friendly dish. If you're … Continue reading Recipe: Easy Quiche

SPAM musubis are gluten free, are therefore health food | Recipe with photos

If you're really on a budget, you can use the Spam can as a musubi mold. SPAM musubis are gluten free, are therefore health food | Recipe with photos. BE THE FIRST TO LEARN ABOUT PROMOTIONS, EVENTS, AND NEW RELEASES:  THE MUSUBI MURDER August 2015 Amazon / B&N /Powell’s /Audible / iTunes

Recipe: Mike’s Famous Pork Belly

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to consume more animal fat, then you've come to the right place.  Here is the no-longer-secret recipe for Mike's Famous Pork Belly, star of the potluck table and scourge of your 2015 weight-loss plans. Pork bellies look like bacon, and in fact it's the same fatty, boneless cut of meat. … Continue reading Recipe: Mike’s Famous Pork Belly

Recipe: Easy Pork Butt

Calling this a "recipe" might be a little grandiose, but it's a great way to get a main dish going with minimal effort and maximal deliciousness. What we call pork butt is actually the shoulder. 1) Buy a pork butt. It will probably be somewhere in the 5-10 pound range. If you're lucky enough to have … Continue reading Recipe: Easy Pork Butt

Two-Ingredient Super Healthful Tomato Beef Bone Broth

I'm very lucky to have access to meat (and other products) from grass-fed Hawaii cattle. Once in a while soup bones become available at the local grocery store. If you see these, buy them. Six big pieces, if you can get them. Some say bone broth is good for joints, digestion and general health. What … Continue reading Two-Ingredient Super Healthful Tomato Beef Bone Broth

Recipe: Turkey Carcass Stock

In my quest to bring you the easiest (laziest) recipes possible, I present: Thirty-Second Stock. (Thirty seconds to get started, that is. The part where you pick the meat off the carcass at the end takes significantly more time.) Sure, you could go online and find a respectable recipe like this one, but maybe you don't want to … Continue reading Recipe: Turkey Carcass Stock

Recipe: Bacon Coconut Spam

Inspired by Leslie at Custard and Clues, I'm going to start posting my favorite recipes. Of course, Leslie is a gourmet chef and I am a lazy (and also terrible) cook, but I do know how to make a few things, and this thing is delicious . 1) Buy Bacon Spam. Not the regular blue can … Continue reading Recipe: Bacon Coconut Spam