A novella a month: How’s my 2017 resolution going?

So far so good! January: To solve the mystery of a disappearing corpse, Mary-Alice has to endure a visit to the Swamp Bar (where decent ladies don't go) and battle her vindictive cousin, Mayor Celia Arceneaux. Will her gentle temper and unshakable faith in human nature endure?   The Vanishing Victim February: Mary-Alice Arceneaux just got … Continue reading A novella a month: How’s my 2017 resolution going?

8 (9?) Unusual Romance Novel Genres

According to Mental Floss, chaste Amish romances are out; Amish vampire erotic thrillers are in. As are mermaids, cavemen, aliens, and NASCAR drivers. And then there's the limited-edition fast-food-themed romance: https://youtu.be/84THNyOzkI8 Sign up for Frankie's newsletter and get a free Professor Molly story Blog  | Facebook  | GoodReads | LinkedIn | Twitter | Mailing List